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A Handy Hook

Makes Shopping With Reusable Bags Convenient And Easy

Why A Handy Hook

How often do you walk in to the grocery store and realize, once again, you have left your reusable shopping bags in the car?

No more!

A Handy Hook is the accessory you need to remember your reusable bags every time.

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A Handy Hook

A device that consolidates your reusable shopping bags with no folding or rolling and can easily attach to all grocery carts. An easy way to remember and carry your reusable bags with you from your home, to the car, to the cart, and back.

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Drink Holder

An accessory to attach to A Handy Hook. An easy way to enjoy your latte, water or soda while shopping with ease!

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Headrest Hook

A place to store A Handy Hook in your car when not in use, so reusable bags are kept neat and in a convenient location.

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A Handy Hook

Provides an easy way to remember and carry your reusable bags. A multifunctional device.

Add-On System

An easy way to enjoy your latte, water or soda while shopping with ease! More accessories to come.....

Zero Cart Space

Keeps your reusable bags out of your grocery cart - opening up valuable cart space. Keeps your bags handy for check-out.

Benefits of A Handy Hook

Save Money

Many stores are now charging for every plastic bag you use and/or provide you with a credit for every reusable bag you bring. Save money each time you visit the store.  

Thoughtful Design

Universal- Carefully designed to fit all grocery carts. You will want to show off A Handy Hook like a new stylish accessory.

Go Green The Easy Way

Help the environment by shopping with reusable bags.  "Each year, 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That’s nearly two million plastic bags used per minute." (Earth Policy Institute)

Sturdy + Ergonomic

Can comfortably hold many full, heavy grocery bags. Will last a long time.  Holds at least 50 lbs.

Lightweight + Compact

Can fit into your purse and be stored with ease. 

Regrind Material

We are a company that practices what we preach by providing an environmentally-friendly product. 

how to use a handy hook accessories and Gravity Locking System